Perfect Pieces: Template Sets

Welcome back for the final post in my Meet the Notions series: Perfect Pieces!


Perfect Pieces are my Jillily Studio Template Sets. I currently have two: the Wedge set and the Hex Angle set. These shapes and templates were created to streamline your cutting and help reduce fabric waste.


These are non-slip, sturdy templates and I named them ‘Perfect’ for a reason! Read below for features of these templates:

  • Exact shapes designed for perfect accuracy

  • No extra bulk where seams meet

  • Marked seam allowances and centers

  • Holes for marking seam intersections

  • Encourage very little fabric waste

  • Made of acrylic and built to last

  • Each set includes 4 template shapes

I use these templates on my patterns and they are so helpful in streamlining my cutting. For example, the quilt below uses my Hex Angle template set!


Another reason I created the templates: Sometimes a block design uses uncommon angles which make it difficult to piece using regular methods. These blocks need to be made either by foundation piecing or by using templates. Templates used to be paper patterns that were difficult to cut. But my Perfect Pieces templates are for cutting! Using a rotary cutter, it’s simple to rotary cut from a strip of fabric.


The Wedge Set is used to make a kaleidoscope Block as used in my “Through the Looking Glass” pattern. I also used it in “Morning Glory” quilt.


Want to see my templates in action?! Watch below for a tutorial!

Below is a photo of all the templates laid out so you can see the shapes better! Each template in the photo is labeled so you can see which set they belong to.


Click HERE to shop my templates! All of my notions are designed to make appliqué, sewing, and creating a fun and simple process but I have to admit, I don’t know how I got by before cutting my shapes with these templates!

Happy Sewing!