Let's Talk POKE-A-DOTS!

Hello Friends!

I am excited today to talk about another one of my Jillily Studio Notions: Poke-A-Dots!


Poke-A-Dots are sticky thimbles that you can stick on your fingertips to help push you needle without getting poked! I don’t know about you but, before Poke-A-Dots, I had a rocky relationship with thimbles. I could never find one that was comfortable for me and I always found myself misplacing them!

With these sticky Poke-A-Dots you get a non-slip, easy solution for needle pushing! The best part is that each thimble is able to be used multiple times before needing to be replaced. This tin of 24 dots will last you a long time. You can always find me with a Poke-A-Dot stuck on my watch face or phone screen because I am constantly reaching for one!


The textured surface of the dots prevents slipping (and is a cute Jillily Studio flower!). The dots are firm but flexible and thick enough to push a needle through the thickest project without being too bulky on your finger!


These thimbles come in a darling little tin that is perfect for travel and can carry needles and thread. Included in my appliqué set, along with Poke-A-Dots, are my favorite needles from BOHIN France. While these are not a Jillily Studio notion they are included in the set because, in my opinion, they are an appliqué must-have!


You can click HERE to shop my full appliqué set or HERE to shop Poke-A-Dots solo! I know you will love these little guys as much as I do!


Jill Finley