All About Appli-Glue!

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s blog post is all about my Jillily Studio Appli-Glue!


I worked very hard to get all of my notions just right but I have to say I am especially proud of this product. For all of you who are avid quilters who do a lot of appliqué, you know the huge difference the glue you use makes. For years I tried and tested many glues but became nervous that they might damage my fabric. Sometimes the glue came out of the bottle in big, gloopy clumps and was constantly clogging up. Some glues were too runny, and not very sticky. My Jillily Studio Appli-Glue was born to solve all of these problems!

Let’s talk about the formula. My glue is a proprietary formula. It is acid-free, pH neutral and of archival quality! This means that it is safe to use on your fabrics and will not discolor, damage or etch your fabrics over time. This formula is water-based -- dries clear and doesn’t leave a hard lump. The viscosity is just perfect and the glue is very tacky, so it holds your pieces in place immediately. You only need a tiny drop every inch or so in the seam allowance of your prepared appliqué piece. The formula is made to be safe for your quilts whether you wash them or not!


I mentioned earlier about the trouble I had in the past with appliqué glues clogging or coming out in uneven clumps. Let me explain how Appli-Glue avoids those problems! Appli-Glue comes with a storage cap and a precision tip. Both of these are threaded—so they screw off and on. When you get your glue, it will come the black storage cap on the and a small bag tied onto the neck of the bottle containing the pink precision tip and a red tip cover. The black storage cap keeps your glue from drying out and is perfect for travel. It screws on tight and does not leak.

Remove the storage cap to screw on the pink precision tip. It is designed to deliver the perfect amount of glue to your project without coming out in clumps. It has a sleek, tapered design which is wider at the base to allow air up into the tip so that the excess glue can drain back into the bottle, instead of staying in the tip and clogging it up! The precision tip also comes with a small red ‘tip cap’ to help keep your glue from drying out while you are working. When you are finished using the glue, you can remove the pink precision tip and rinse it out with water to prevent any dried bits of glue from forming inside. This way you will never have a clogged tip again!


Appli-Glue comes in two sizes! The first is a 2 fl oz bottle. The second is a smaller, .5 fl oz. I have several purchase options for these items!

  1. If you just want to give the glue a try you can purchase the small bottle on it’s own! Keep in mind that you will need to buy the precision tip separately - both items can be purchased HERE for just $3.95 each.

  2. If you are ready to dive in to appliqué with the Jillily Method then you can purchase all of my appliqué notions in one (adorable) handy tin. The set comes with a large bottle of Appli-Glue and the precision tip attachment. You can shop the set HERE.

  3. You can also purchase the large bottle separately. Unlike the small bottle, the large comes with the precision tip, no need to purchase it separately! Click HERE to shop the large bottle on its own.


Want to see Appli-Glue in action? Click below to watch a tutorial where I show you I use Appli-Glue!

I hope you love this product as much as I do and it helps streamline your appliqué sewing!


Jill Finley