Meet the Quilter's Digit and Starch Brush!

Thanks for joining me in another ‘Meet the Notions’ blog post! Today we are talking about two products: the Quilter’s Digit, and the Jillily Studio Starch Brush.


Let’s start with the Digit. The Quilter’s Digit is named because I truly think of it as another ‘Digit’ or extension of my hand! This sharp, pointed tool is SO handy when it comes to ironing your appliqué. I can not tell you how many finger burns I had before the Quilter’s Digit. If you are prone to burned fingers, you need this tool!

It is also very handy when it comes to pulling your raw edges over templates, guiding your fabric while sewing, and to score and remove your Maker Paper.


The photo above gives you a better look at the point on this tool. It is sharp and precise. You can purchase this item on its own HERE or in my full Appliqué set HERE.

Next, the Starch Brush. This item is really helpful in applying precise amounts of starch to your seam allowance, preparing appliqué pieces with no raw edges, and the bristles are compact and can hold a lot of liquid!

You can shop this item on its own HERE or in my full set HERE.

Watch the tutorial below to see both of these tools in action!

Jill Finley